I appreciate wittiness, intelligent banter, truth and loyalty, and those who have more than the rest, but can still be humble enough to walk among us and not stand out. I also like to laugh, I like animals, and I like not having to pretend to be someone I'm not to impress a majority. Come all ye'.....yeah just come all ye.
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Dear Seniors of 2014,

I know that leaving home may seem like the coolest thing ever. You’re leaving high school behind and you think you’re becoming an adult and that’s the coolest thing ever because now you can go be sexy and go to parties and drink alcohol (with upperclassmen of course, so if you get caught, they can’t possibly ID all of you, right?) and do all these cool things and FINE, that’s awesome. All I’m saying is, when your mom or dad is crying or trying really hard not to at your graduation or when they’re moving you into college, don’t just run away and be like “kthnxbye see you at Thanksgiving,” because the truth is, you have no IDEA what its like. I know this isn’t everyone’s story, but there’s a good chance they raised you and loved you and sacrificed for you, and in that moment, they are going through absolute loss because you were there little boy/girl. Do you not realize how hard that must be for them? To have something they love so dearly just run away and not look back, not even once? Appreciate the fuck out of what you have, because I’m so far from home and its Easter weekend and I’m not even religious and my parents separated the week of my graduation, and I just can’t be home to sit with my family like I was once able to, and it kills me. So, my dearest seniors, when you tell your mom or dad you’re going out with friends and they say “have a nice time,” just go over and hug them or kiss them goodbye, or tell them you’ll miss them and you’ll be home soon, because both of you are running out of time for those little moments that will mean so much to both of you in a few years time.